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Lynn & Dennis

Dear Jay and Brad,

Your company has been doing improvements for us for the last few years.  We now have a "go to" company for all our needs, whether it is a small project or a larger job.  We have been more than pleased with all the work.

We have had new porch posts, new windows that also exposed the plywood that hadn't been house wrapped when the house was built.  You not only put better windows in, but wrapped the walls as well as insulated around the windows (also not done when built).

Our house is only 11 years old, and we had gone through 3 power ventors for our oil burner.  Your company worked in the middle of the winter (under 10 degrees) to construct a chimney so that the oil burner could continue to function.  What an improvement.  Your company also has a variety of professional contractors to do some other jobs that you helped to complete.  They included sump pump installations with additional piping, running outside draining, surge protectors on the main box, and even an attic exhaust fan.  I feel confident about calling in an emergency because I know you will be there for us. With all the rain we have been having, We are going to work with your company to come up with maybe another outlet for the extreme water conditions .  The quality of your work is top notch professional grade.  The jobs are never completed until the area is cleaned up and Brad and Jay are satisfied with all the work.

- Lynn and Dennis
PS You are welcome to advertise on our front lawn if you do that sort of thing!